The ProfiTel Group Advantage.
  Your telecom cost reduction specialists.

Most Businesses Pay Too Much For Telecom Services.Odds Are Your Business Is One Of Them.

Don't assume that your competition is paying the same rates as you for telecom services. Based on our experience, similar-sized telecom customers often pay dramatically different rates for the same services. The difference can be large - as much as 100%! You also shouldn't assume that you have a good deal simply because your rates declined substantially the last time you renegotiated your contract. Studies show that as few as 5% of telecom customers have "market-leading" contracts.

How can ProfiTel Group help you in your telecom cost reduction efforts? At the ProfiTel Group we employ contractual knowledge that is unmatched in the industry to ensure our clients receive the most competitive rates and contractual terms available in the marketplace.


Our breadth of experience includes contract negotiations, finance, audit, sales, legal and contract implementation. Additionally, we use this experience to ensure the accuracy of our clients' invoices. After all, even the best contract in the market is a liability if it is billed incorrectly. Our insider experience is the foundation of our total telecom cost management system.

The ProfiTel Group's services are offered on a contingency fee basis. If we do not save your company money, you owe us nothing.

The ProfiTel Group has helped some of the best known companies in America secure significant telecom cost reductions. It is likely that we can do the same for you.


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